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Large Blue Tilapia Colony Young Breeder Set 4"-5" 10 Females 6 Males

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This is a perfect package for someone looking to start breeding their own Tilapia for the Aquaponics projects.  This large colony of 16 Blue Tilapia between 4"-5" is about 3 months old and will be breeding within a couple weeks of settling into a nice spacious tank.  Keeping water temps between 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit and feed 3-4 times daily is all you need to do to trigger huge amounts of breeding activity. Do not feed more than fish consume in 5 minutes and overfilter your water always. 


At 6 months of age (another 3 months) this breeder set will be capable of producing 10,000 Tilapia fry monthly and at 12 months it will increase to 24,000 Tilapia Fry monthly under ideal conditions.  Remember overfilter! :-)
You are guaranteed at least 10 females and 6 males professionally and accurately sexed prior to shipping. 

Shipping varies based on location.  All shipping options shown will guarantee live arrival.

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